Non-profit institute
The Cultural Studies Foundation is an international non-profit institute that aims to stimulate innovative research and distribute research results for a wide audience. The institute is founded in the Netherlands in 1988, under the name Stichting voor Culturele Studies (SCS). The activities of the institute include research, development, and publishing and subsidizing activities that contribute to the general aim of the SCS.

Social research
SCS is specialized in applied social research. But SCS is also carrying out methodological research in the field of data collection, questionnaire development, attitudinal scaling, and concept development. SCS also subsidizes research and publications of young promising researchers in the field of Cultural Studies.

Current research projects
• Monitoring racial and ethnic discrimination in the Netherlands
• Effectivity of the public relations campaign for science and technology
• Community development in Industrial areas: interactive policy development
• Attitudes toward Illegal Immigrants
• Multi-issue Social Science: Positions and structures in a complex world